We get you on the move!

Admittedly, our holiday homes tempt you not to move from the spot. But it would be a real pity to spend all your vacation in the hammock. There are just too many interesting places to see and things to do nearby and further away.

Go explore! It's worth it.

It's up to you how far you want to venture.

We are happy to supply you with a range of vehicles:



In all our holiday homes we can provide you with a range of bicycles (mountain bikes, city bikes, Holland bikes).

Using the bikes is of course free of charge.

Cycling through the countryside behind our holiday homes passing ancient olive trees and endless flowering meadows is a beautiful and relaxing experience. You could also ride along the coast to Campomarino and enjoy your morning cappuccino (or your evening aperitivo) in the gelateria "Panna e Cioccolata". And why not take the bike for your smaller shopping in Maruggio. You can also use the bike to get up to the Masseria Scorpura. Its farm shop sells delicious fresh cheese and other local specialities every day.

Our bikes are well-maintained and checked regularly. On arrival you should find them in a good condition (assuming the previous guests didn't forget to inform the caretaker of our holiday homes of any new little damages).

Should you ever have a flat tyre please have it repaired or do so yourself as soon as possible, so the bike can again be used by you and your fellow guests. You can take the bike to the Megasport shop in Maruggio. There they can help you quickly and cheaply. If you don't get a chance to fix it before your departure then please give our caretaker 5 € and he will take care of it for you.


Have you ever had the dream of cruising along the Californian coast and savouring the open road..?

Well, we can't offer you are Harley and California is far away. But if you can make do with two 50cc Suzuki scooters you'll enjoy the rush of the sea air along the sunny salentine coast and get a feel for that two-wheeled freedom.


These scooters are our latest addition upon request of many of our guests. Though we do enjoy them ourselves a lot!

Naturally you can use the scooters to go shopping in Maruggio or to drive to Campomarino or San Pietro or even to explore the landscape and seaside and simply to enjoy the feeling of being on vacation.

Guests can rent the scooters weekly for a reasonable fee. Please ask us for the terms and conditions and more details. We are happy to answer any queries.



Or why not pack you whole family and all your friends into our trusty old VW minivan and take exciting excursions to the numerous sights of Puglia!

Admittedly it's not the newest of vehicles and one ought to respect its long and full life to date, but to now it's always provided a faithful service. There are seven seats (including driver), all with seatbelts and the van has plenty of storage space for the picnic equipment or a baby pram.   

There are more than enough interesting locations around our houses to be visited in whole- or half day trips. A nice day trip would, for example, be the Valle d'Itria with Alberobello (the Trulli city), Locorotondo and Martina Franca (and maybe even the mysterious caves of Castellana Grotte). Or you drive to the "edge of the world" at S. Maria di Leuca and take a detour via Gallipoli, Otranto and maybe even Lecce. Grottaglie, Massafra and Taranto, but also Lecce, Ostuni and Gallipoli are good destinations for half-day trips. The "Zoo-Safari" in Fasano is a great experience for children and adults alike - you don't even get that close to wild animals on safari in Africa.

If you rent the minivan for the duration of your stay, we can pick you up with it from the airport or train station should you wish so.

Just ask us for the terms and conditions.