Things to do and see

Puglia is far too beautiful to just spend all your time here enjoying the sun. Maruggio is a good starting point for half- or whole day excursions to the most stunning sights of Puglia. You will find travel guides with lots of tips in all our houses. We are also happy to provide you with some personal recommendations. Of course you don't have to visit everything on your first time here -once you've been in Puglia you will want to come back.

Among the Highlights:

  • Lecce surprises with exuberant Baroque
  • Taranto, Brindisi, Bari (sightseeing and shopping)
  • Alberobello and its world-famous Trulli houses (World cultural heritage site)
  • Ostuni (the picturesque "white city")
  • Oria (historic centre with dome and castle - and great restaurants)
  • Gallipoli (ancient Greek harbour and historic centre)
  • Castel del Monte (castle of the emperor Frederick II) (World cultural heritage site)
  • Otranto (historic centre and dome with one-of-a-kind mosaic floor)
  • Manduria (historic centre, old Jewish ghetto, excavations)
  • Grottaglie (ceramic workshops, Bishop's castle, historic centre)
  • Matera and its impressive "Sassi" (cave dwellings) (World cultural heritage site)
  • Trani with its cathedral built on a terrace overlooking the sea
  • Massafra with its breathtaking gorges (gravine)
  • The fairy-tale like limestone grottoes of Catellana-Grotte
  • The cliffs of the Salento and the "edge of the world" at Santa Maria di Leuca
  • Zoo-safari in Fasano (not only for kids)
  • The town where the German-Italian movie "Solino" was filmed was actually Nardò and is close by.